Seek2Insure, a leading online health insurance consultancy, today predicted that the premium health insurance market will experience significant growth over the coming year. Their report cites a number of factors driving this growth, including:

  • Rising healthcare costs: The cost of healthcare has risen markedly since the end of the COVID pandemic. This is reflected in rising health insurance premiums in the market, driven by the increasing costs at international hospitals. Given this, Expats in Thailand are left with a stark choice. Pay increasing costs out of pocket, or buy adequate health insurance to cover it for you.
  • An ageing population: Locally, Thailand is seeing population ageing which is creating increased demands on healthcare. For those who can afford it, premium health insurance allows for complete peace of mind in covering chronic issues which develop with age. In terms of the Expat demographic, Thailand encourages growth in the retirement age sector. Quality health insurance is a must for those retiring in Thailand if they want access to leading healthcare providers.
  • Demand for international providers. Thailand’s Expats typically frequent the numerous International Hospitals throughout the country. Quality comes at a price, which leads to many Expats buying premium health insurance plans to cover potential stays in these hospitals. The recent moves by some insurers to restrict usage of the most expensive hospitals means that premium policies without such restrictions are increasingly sought after.

Other factors driving the growth in the premium health insurance market include:

  • The rise of telemedicine: Telemedicine allows people to access medical care without needing to leave the comfort of their home. Currently, this is something offered by premium health insurance providers. Whilst the rest of the market will undoubtedly catch up, currently you need to use a premium provider to access such services.
  • The focus on preventive care. Wellness is becoming a ‘buzz word’ in medical insurance right now. Preventing illness before you actually get sick involves undergoing regular check ups to keep track of your health.  Premium health insurers cover wellness. Given some tests are expensive, many people choose to insure wellness as part of their comprehensive health insurance packages. 
  • Convenience. Most of the premium health insurers have invested heavily in their hospital network development and IT infrastructure. This means one can access health insurance benefits on a direct basis, without having to pay and submit a claim. Furthermore apps allow you to keep track of your policy with all key information accessible.

“We believe that the premium health insurance market is poised for significant growth over the coming year. Thailand’s post COVID rebound has led to a sharp rise in healthcare costs. When combined with population ageing, and demand to use the best International Hospitals, low end plans are no longer standing up to the tests which serious accidents and illness pose”.

Darren Sharp, Founder at Seek2Insure

Seek2Insure is a leading online health insurance consultancy. Its focus is on helping its clients choose the best health insurance plans for their individual needs. This is achieved through a consultative approach. For more information they can be found at

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