From small home based companies all the way up to multinationals, a strong health insurance offering gives your staff a benefit which can increase loyalty and most importantly provide them and their family with peace of mind in the event of serious illness or an accident. As with anywhere, company health insurance in Thailand can feel like there are a myriad of options, and that finding a solution which matches your company needs is a nightmare!

So the first question should be regarding your current provider. Are you getting a good deal in terms of benefits for the amount of premium you are paying? If you are not sure on this then give us a call. We can show you how your cover stacks up against the other providers. If you then decide that moving provider could be a prudent step, then your concerns will shift. Common worries that companies have about changing provider can be:

1. I don’t want to upset my staff by changing their insurance benefits.
2. It will take too much time to change provider.
3. My staff need to be covered for pre existing conditions which the current provider cover.

First and foremost, these are common concerns that HR Directors and business owners have. Secondly, here at Seek2Insure we understand your concerns and will work with you to effectively change provider if needed, in the most hassle free way. In response to the above issues;

1. When looking to change provider, we will carefully look at your current benefits and look to either match them, or better them, with a new provider. We understand that the needs of your staff are paramount, and are here to represent their best interests as well as yours.

2. Insurers understand that time is precious and that a company will not change provider if the process involved is too tiresome. As a result, the form filling required is minimal. Seek2Insure guide their customers through this process.

3. If you have 10 or more staff, then you can obtain MHD underwriting terms. Medical History Disregarded means that pre-existing conditions will be covered by the new provider, meaning the transition is smooth and no cover will be lost.

Another issue revolves around companies understanding what the correct level of cover is. Most companies look to spend their insurance budgets in the most cost effective way possible. Given this, it’s crucial that companies do not cut corners and purchase insurance which leaves their staff exposed in the event of the worst case scenarios. Whilst cutting down on aspects such as wellness, dental, and outpatient coverage can be a good way to reduce premium if needed, there is no substitute for inpatient coverage which can cover the most expensive possibilities. If a staff member was diagnosed with certain types of cancer, or was involved in a serious road accident, then costs can very quickly escalate into the millions of THB. As a company you have to ask yourselves what you would do in the event of a staff member requiring costly treatment and not having adequate cover in place? We advise clients to negate this conundrum by purchasing adequate cover. In Thailand we advise on having at least 10 million THB worth of cover per person per year.

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Please feel free to get in touch with us to discuss the needs of your business. We are here to help!

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