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Our goal is simple: to help you choose the best expatriate health insurance and expat medical insurance in Thailand that is truly suited to the needs of your unique situation and to protect the well being of those around you. Our options offer access to hundreds of affiliated hospitals across the country, and throughout the World for those requiring global expat health insurance. We offer many expat health cover options ranging from partial coverage all the way through to fully comprehensive coverage. From plans with a lifetime renewal guarantee, to ones which will consider pre existing conditions, we have it covered.

We offer each a different type of solution. With guaranteed renewability on all expat health insurance, Thailand’s expatriate insurance underwriters ensure that a permanent solution can be always present with regards to Thailand medical insurance for foreigners. The sign up process is quick and easy. Whether you are researching to compare the most comprehensive health insurance plans for foreigners in Thailand, or require short term expat health insurance options, our transparent and trustworthy advice will provide a long, healthy and stress-free existence in the beautiful land of smiles.

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  • Worldwide and local cover options

Best Health Insurance for Foreigners in Thailand by the Top International Expat Medical Insurance Underwriters

In Thailand, health insurance plans for expats are a personal product. Our team is on hand to consult you in your search for the perfect expat international health insurance in Thailand to suit your specific situation. You may be concerned about the high cost of medical treatments, cancer treatments, or motorcycle accidents. Whilst anyone can look at the plans available in the market and see the level of benefits, and areas of cover, the task of questioning whether or not they are the best fit for your personal needs and requirements is another matter, and the help of professional insurance brokers becomes paramount.

Cheap Expat Health Insurance, Thailand, Underwritten by the Best International Health Insurance for Expats

At Seek2Insure we are passionate about making sure our clients have the best plans possible to meet their individual needs. The only way we know what those needs are is by speaking to our clients, and understanding them as best as possible.

 We’ll ask questions such as the following during your health insurance application process for healthcare in Thailand for expats:

  • Do you have pre-existing health conditions?
  • What are your residency plans over the coming years?
  • What level of coverage are you looking for?
  • Do you need wellness cover?

At Seek2Insure we are all about creating strong working relationships with our clients. Our clients value the fact that they can call their consultant at any time should they have any questions or concerns regarding their insurance coverage.


Once we have a good idea of the plans suitable for you, we are in a position to help you choose the best expat plans.  The more details we have the better, as the best Thailand health insurance plans for one person, is rarely the best for another.  A key benefit of using an intermediary as opposed to going directly to the insurer is that we will not mold your requirements around a single product range, but we will find the insurer who matches your needs the most! We understand the fine print and will make you aware of common exclusions. Our approach is client-driven. Our independence means we are not tied to any one insurer. Instead, we focus on using providers who offer good value, and most importantly, good service. Whether it be Pacific Cross, or Luma Thailand,  or any other major local provider, we have you covered.

 Looking for the Best Expat Health Insurance Thailand Has to Offer? We will Share the Top Expat Insurance Thailand Has Available

Another big part of what we do is understand the local market. Plans and pricing change on a regular basis. What was the best deal last year might not be this year. We keep our finger on the pulse in a constantly evolving market. This is achieved by studying rates and identifying preferential price points, and by regularly meeting key people in the industry to make sure that we are well informed of any changes happening well ahead of time. We are also fully up to date with service levels among the insurers. You have the peace of mind that your best interests are at the forefront of what we do.

 International Health Insurance Plans for Expatriates: What You Need To Know

Whilst we work with clients who are located around the world, our main focus is on Thailand. Whether you are an expat family based in Bangkok, a retiree living in Phuket, or a corporate group in Koh Samui, here at Seek2Insure we have the expertise to make sure your needs are taken care of. We also work with Thai Nationals residing in Thailand. Only once you have the reassurance that potentially huge medical bills will be taken care of, can you relax into your expat life and enjoy your new city. Most of our providers have direct billing arrangements with the leading hospitals in Thailand which means that you can use your card on a cashless basis for your convenience.

 Why You Need International Health Insurance in Thailand

If you are living or staying in the country for an extended period, you will want to consider health insurance in Thailand. Taking care of your personal wellness is essential, no matter where you live in the world. Thailand is a beautiful and safe country but, like all countries, can be dangerous and accidents do happen. Your personal health should be a top priority for you and your family.

Seek2Insure offer excellent expat health insurance plans that will cover you should you have an accident or develop any health issues while staying in Thailand. The healthcare system in Thailand varies in quality, depending on where you are in the country. Our cover options will ensure that you get the best treatment wherever you are in the country. We can advise you on how to navigate your way through the process and paperwork in the Thai hospital system.

If you are already living in Thailand, you can still apply for the top international health insurance options with the help of Seek2Insure. You may find other insurance companies in Thailand, but there is no guarantee they will be reputable or trustworthy. Seek2Insure specializes in health insurance for Thai expats. We have a wealth of experience in helping expats in Thailand find the right options for them and their families. Feel free to contact us today if you currently have no health insurance in place, or, if you have a plan in place and want an independent review of it.


 When You Have an Expat Thailand Health Insurance Plan, Is Thailand’s Health Service Good?

The public health system in Thailand is funded by the Thai Government. Most hospitals in Thailand are well equipped, have good levels of hygiene and provide a high level of medical treatment. However, they can also become quite crowded, and waiting times can become very long. As well as Thai Nationals, foreigners living and working in Thailand can use public hospital services. You will pay social security payments through your employer, which allows you to use the hospitals. It is worth noting public hospitals in Thailand have around four times the number of beds than that of private hospitals. We offer health care plans suitable for both private and public hospitals, in inpatient and out patient departments.

You may prefer private hospitals as they have shorter waiting times, and they offer world-class care.  From leading annual health check packages, to five star out patient clinics, you may feel like you are in a hotel, especially when compared to hospitals in other countries.  If you’re living in Bangkok, you will have access to some of the best hospitals on the planet, including Bumrungrad International. Private hospitals often include wings catering specifically to Expats, with English speaking medical professionals for convenience.



Bert Veerman

Although I have lived in Thailand for some time, I was not sure of my options when it came to selecting a health insurance policy for me and my wife. Whilst I knew about some of the large providers, the benefits they provided were really not in...


Daniel Wood

I have just brought health insurance for my family following numerous conversations with the team at Seek2Insure. Before speaking to them I was unclear as to the best products on the market. Seek2Insure i listened to my requirements and helped me to insure my family. Good job!

david sipari testimonial

David Sipari

I have just brought health insurance for my family following numerous conversations with the team at Seek2Insure. Before speaking to them I was unclear as to the best products on the market. Seek2Insure i listened to my requirements and helped me to insure my family. Good job!

jaylale testimonial

Jay Lale

I recently contacted Seek2Insure regarding my new business. It was important for me that I had good quality health cover in place, as this was a benefit I had always had in place in previous jobs. After speaking with Seek2Insure they quickly came back to me with...

Thailand Expat Health Insurance Frequently Asked Questions

What is the process for foreigners to buy expat medical insurance Thailand brokers have on offer?

Expats who are not employed or those who want health coverage in private hospitals can purchase a private scheme, either local or international. Expats who retire in Thailand will have to subscribe to a private insurance plan or pay the costs from their own pocket.

Is it easy to get Expat healthcare insurance for living abroad in Thailand?

The expatriate community is a unique group of people who tend to opt for private healthcare as good value is obtainable. Getting a provider to offer coverage is normally not problematic. Our consultants will help you to weigh up the benefits being proposed so you can have full cover in place.

What is the average cost of expat health insurance coverage in Thailand?

There's a lot of factors that go into the expat health insurance Thailand cost which makes it almost impossible to just state a price. We spend a lot of time working with our customers to identify their requirements before quoting prices. Needless to say a plan

Can foreigners buy health insurance in Thailand?

Expats living in Thailand can buy health insurance. If you are a tourist in Thailand, you will need to buy a travel insurance policy from an international insurance company online or over the phone whilst in your home country.

How much is expat health insurance in Thailand?

The cost of your plan in Thailand will vary depending on your policy, the company you buy it from, and what your policy covers. Other factors such as age and state of health will also impact pricing. Pre-existing conditions will also impact pricing.

How does health insurance work in Thailand?

Medical coverage will be subject to either an individual or company policy from your employer. There is also the state system, which is reliant on your social security contributions. Non life insurance in Thailand is regulated by the office of the insurance commission.

Is expat health insurance in Thailand a requirement?

It is now mandatory for all tourists wishing to enter Thailand to have an insurance policy which covers $100,000 for their visa application. This travel insurance must include coverage for COVID-19. For those holding an O-A retirement visa there are also minimum cover requirements which form part of the visa application process. For other types of non immigrant visas there are currently no requirements for cover in order to hold a valid visa.

Is there anything you can do to reduce the expat health insurance cost?

Medical tourists from all over the world come to Thailand in search of affordable healthcare. The cost can be a major draw, but it's important not to get fooled by low prices and great treatment options. There can still be hefty expenses for hospitalisation fees or medicines during your stay. The main reason why so many people visit this country specifically is due largely because they have reasonable costs and combine their trip with a holiday.

Why should you get expat insurance for foreigners in Thailand?

Health insurance in Thailand is an excellent way of protecting yourself financially should you have an accident or develop a health condition when abroad. Your plan will cover part or all of your health costs up to a specific limit. Pre existing conditions are generally not covered, but there may be providers who will consider coverage.

Is healthcare in Thailand good?

Generally, the healthcare system in Thailand is good. However, public hospitals can get crowded and waiting times can be very long. Private hospitals in Thailand are some of the best in the world, with medical tourism being a major industry.

What do expats do for health insurance?

Expats often have healthcare provided as part of their remuneration package. They may also have their own health insurance plan with an international insurance provider or a company specializing in expat insurance in the foreign country they reside in.

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