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As an individual looking for health insurance in Thailand, shopping around and getting the best coverage for your premium is a must. At Seek2Insure we believe in fully understanding our client’s requirements before we suggest plans. Contact us to see the Seek2Insure difference.

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The Importance of Health Insurance for Individuals in Thailand

Health insurance is a crucial consideration for anyone considering an Expat life in Thailand, regardless of your age, health condition or income. From general doctor visits, through to the costs of complex surgeries, a good health insurance plan will leave you covered for any scenario.

Why is Thailand health insurance important for individuals?

There are many reasons why health insurance is important for individuals, but the key reasons can be summarised as follows:

Pay for medical expenses. Medical expenses in Thailand can be expensive, even for minor procedures. Whilst generally speaking outpatient is not overly expensive, inpatient expenses can easily spiral.

It can help you get the care you need. A good health insurance will mean you can choose the provider you use, and allow you to access the best doctors. When one’s health is at stake, we want access to the best doctors in their field.

Peace of mind. Knowing you are protected in the event of a serious accident or illness is a major weight of your shoulders when living in Thailand.

Getting health insurance

Obtaining health insurance is usually through one of these ways:

  • Employer Provided. You may be lucky enough to have health insurance benefits provided by your employer. If so it’s important to check that the benefits are adequate in the event of serious accident or illness. Having a back up plan in place should you leave your job is also a prudent step. This is especially important if you are nearing retirement.
  • Government health insurance. If you pay social security in Thailand you will be entitled to use selected government hospitals. Whilst still being able to access a high level of medical care, convenience and comfort will likely be lacking. Both aspects are a key benefit of using international hospitals.
  • Private health insurance . For those without employer provided health insurance, and wanting to have access to international hospitals, private health insurance is the best solution.

Choosing a health insurance plan

When entering the market for health insurance, it’s crucial that you find options which meet your needs and requirements. It’s too easy to have your requirements ignored and then find yourself on a plan which does not offer adequate protection when you need it most. Factors to consider include:

  • Your budget: Low end and low cost health insurance plans are unlikely to provide adequate coverage. It’s best to work out the level of coverage you need, and then establish the most cost effective plans to meet those requirements.
  • Your needs: Having a plan which meets your needs/requirements is crucial.
  • Provider reputation: Does the health insurance provider you are going to be using have a good reputation when it comes to paying claims and servicing?
  • Wellness: If you are looking for a truly comprehensive health insurance plan, then wellness benefits are key.


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