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Providing your family with quality health insurance is just as important as selecting the best schools. Seek2Insure specialise in helping our clients find leading coverage at the best prices.

The Seek2Insure Difference

Expat Family Health Insurance Experts

Providing quality health insurance to Expat families lies at the core of Seek2Insure’s offering.

  • Family discount options
  • Dental and Optical cover options.
  • Child wellness coverage
  • Out of area emergency cover
  • Direct billing arrangements
Darren Sharp

Darren Sharp

Family Specialist

The Importance of Expat Family Health Insurance

Moving to a new country can be a stressful experience, one which is magnified by having children. Among the list of things which need to be sorted, having access to leading International Hospitals should be one of the major considerations. The costs at International Hospitals can quickly escalate, especially when an admission takes place. Adequate expat health insurance is essential to make sure these unexpected costs do not put a premature end to your Expat life.

Expat family health insurance caters directly to the needs of families. This means there are discounts in place given family volume, and also discounts for children, whose premiums with some insurers are very high. There are other elements which make family health insurance attractive. These include child wellness, dental benefits, and coverage for vaccinations. It’s worth noting that some providers allow you to cost effectively add in maternity coverage also, should you plan on growing your family further.

Things to consider when choosing an Expat Family Health Insurance plan:

  • Coverage:  As with any health insurance plan, adequate coverage is essential if you want protection for the worst case scenarios. Whilst most costly claims fall under inpatient benefits, it’s worth noting that you are likely to build up outpatient expenses with young children, so having cover for outpatient may be a prudent step.
  • Cost: Children’s premiums can be very costly, so understanding the value points in the market is essential to ensure you get a good deal.
  • Network: If you want tone able to use the hospital of your choice, it needs to be in the direct billing network of the provider you choose.
  • Renewability: If you are an Expat family who move around on a regular basis, you may be well suited to International Health Insurance which you can keep active when you move to a new country.
  • Your medical history: Securing the best terms for your family will depend on the details of your pre-existing medical conditions. We are familiar with most conditions, and can help to provide the best level of coverage given your unique situation.

Here are some of the benefits of having expat family health insurance:

  • Peace of mind: Access to the best doctors, at the best hospitals in your country of residence is key to ensuring a stress free stay.
  • Financial protection: Expat life can be expensive at the best of times. Unexpected medical bills can complicate matters hugely, and even end Expat adventures. Insurance helps to negate this risk.
  • Potential savings: A family policy is likely to save you money when compared to individual health insurance plans, given family discounts and other benefits offered to families with some providers.

Contact one of our expert consultants if you would like assistance with finding the best health insurance plans to meet the requirements of your family.

Helping you to make

Informed Insurance Decisions

Choosing insurance cover for your family is an important step in your Expat Life. At Seek2Insure we help to make that process pain-free. We work with Expat Families on a daily basis to ensure they are covered in the most cost effective way.

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