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Making sure you have insurance in place to cover your pregnancy is a must. From newborn additions, to standard maternity expense cover, we have all the bases covered.

The Seek2Insure difference

Detailed maternity insurance consulting

Choosing a solution to cover maternity can be a detailed oriented process. The differences in detail can mean the difference between being covered, and being left to self insure medical bills. Here at Seek2Insure we understand the subtle differences between policies, which means our clients are covered under plans which meet their requirements.

  • Newborn Coverage from Birth
  • Standard maternity expense cover
  • Complications of maternity coverage
  • Pre natal check coverage
  • Premature birth coverage
  • Coverage for C Section
  • Newborn care coverage
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Darren Sharp

Darren Sharp

Maternity Insurance Specialist

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Honest, Impartial consulting on maternity insurance options

We believe our clients are best placed to decide on what plan suits their needs once they have been presented with clear facts about options in the market. We provide those facts in an impartial mannor.

As with many types of health insurance, those looking for maternity insurance coverage are confronted with many options, all of which seemingly offer different things. As Seek2Insure we understand the subtle differences between cover options, and match our client requirements to what is on offer in the market. Transparency is key so that you are fully aware of what is covered, and what is not covered, as you embark on building your family in Thailand.

Coverage for standard maternity expenses is relatively easy to come by. Lot’s of plans will cover maternity to some degree. Choosing a plan involves estimating the total pre-natal and birthing expenses at your chosen hospital, and then choosing an insurance solution which will cover that amount. For people who have a regular pregnancy, such plans are perfectly adequate to make sure costs are covered and you are not left out of pocket. Unfortunately standard maternity options have areas of missing cover, which policy holders need to be aware of when taking out these cover options. These areas of key consideration can be summarised below.

  1. Complications. What cover is in place if things go wrong during your pregnancy? Complications cover may not be included in a standard maternity benefits schedule.
  2. Newborn Addition. Will you be able to add your newborn baby into your plan? If so, will the newborn be underwritten? Underwriting will mean that any conditions apparent with the baby at birth will not be covered ongoing. Thus, a plan which does not underwrite a newborn would be preferential.
  3. Waiting periods. Maternity insurance is always subject to a waiting period. This is a period of time you need to go through before any claims for maternity can be eligible for coverage. Waiting times are a crucial part of family planning, especially when you are planning on an insurance policy covering the costs.
  4. Cover amount. If the plan you choose has a cap on maternity expenses, then you need to assess if it’s sufficient. This is especially the case if complications coverage is included under the headline cover limit.
  5. Assisted conception. If you go down the route of assisted conception, then your choices will be more limited. Most insurers insist on underwriting assisted conception children, so this is something which needs to be considered when planning your family and your health insurance requirements.

Types of Maternity Insurance

If you are in the market for Maternity Insurance in Thailand you will be well aware that the choices are numerous and the clarity on what you need is not clear.

Following a consultation, Seek2Insure will help you choose the best plan to meet your requirements. Largely speaking maternity plans fall into the following categories:


Fixed Amount cover

A ‘Fixed amount’ plan will cover maternity expenses to a set amount. An example being 150,000 THB. Once this amount is exhausted, you will need to pay expenses out of pocket. Whilst the cheapest options available, newborn addition will be subject to underwriting.

Comprehensive Cover

Comprehensive maternity coverage offers high level cover for standard maternity expenses, complications, and will allow a newborn to be added into the parents plan with no underwriting.

Complications cover

There are options in the market which will cover complications of maternity, without covering standard maternity expenses.

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