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As an Expat, choosing the right health insurance is one of the most important steps you will make. At Seek2Insure, we specialise in helping Expat’s choose health insurance plans which meet their needs.


Helping you make informed insurance decisions

Choosing the best health insurance plans in the market need not be a headache. At Seek2Insure our consultants know the market inside out. We focus on matching your requirements to plans which will leave you best protected.

  • Multilingual consultants (Thai & English)
  • Expat International Health Insurance by Leading Providers
  • Independent impartial advice (we are motivated by happy clients renewing their annual international health insurance)
  • In partnership with BSI Insurance Broker Limited
  • Worldwide and local cover options
Darren Sharp

Darren Sharp

Foreign Consultant

Your Family’s Insurance Needs Covered By Health Insurance Specialists And Experts That Will Help You Make The Right Decisions

Our goal is simple: to help you choose the best expatriate health insurance and expat medical insurance in Thailand that is truly suited to the needs of your unique situation and to protect the well being of those around you. Our options offer access to hundreds of affiliated hospitals across the country, and throughout the World for those requiring global expat health insurance. We offer many expat health cover options ranging from partial coverage all the way through to fully comprehensive coverage. From plans with a lifetime renewal guarantee, to ones which will consider pre existing conditions, we have it covered.

We offer each a different type of solution. With guaranteed renewability on all expat health insurance, Thailand’s expatriate insurance underwriters ensure that a permanent solution can be always present with regards to Thailand medical insurance for foreigners. The sign up process is quick and easy. Whether you are researching to compare the most comprehensive health insurance plans for foreigners in Thailand, or require short term expat health insurance options, our transparent and trustworthy advice will provide a long, healthy and stress-free existence in the beautiful land of smiles.

misconceptions in health insurance

Best Health Insurance for Foreigners in Thailand by the Top International Expat Medical Insurance Underwriters

In Thailand, health insurance plans for expats are a personal product. Our team is on hand to consult you in your search for the perfect expat international health insurance in Thailand to suit your specific situation. You may be concerned about the high cost of medical treatments, cancer treatments, or motorcycle accidents. Whilst anyone can look at the plans available in the market and see the level of benefits, and areas of cover, the task of questioning whether or not they are the best fit for your personal needs and requirements is another matter, and the help of professional insurance brokers becomes paramount.

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