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We are independent health insurance consultants, based in Phuket, Thailand.

We understand that insurance is personal. It matters when you need it.

Seek2Insure was set up by people passionate about delivering a level of customer service which beats the competition hands down. We understand the importance of listening to your exact needs and are committed to making sure our clients have suitable cover whilst living in Thailand.

Expats in Thailand are often unknowingly exposed to a range of risks which they are not in their home countries. We are here to make sure every base is covered when it comes to insuring yourself and your family in Thailand. Our broker partners partner with all of the leading insurers in the ASEAN region meaning we have all the bases covered when it comes to getting our clients the best value cover.

Seek2Insure was born from our frustration of listening to people complain about the lack of service they get from the industry. Many wait for days for quotes if they get any response at all, many are sold products which don’t meet their needs and many deal with automated quote engines and comparison sites which do not listen to your personal requirements. We didn’t think this was good enough!

At Seek2Insure we have taken it upon ourselves to create a company which listens to the needs of its clients and makes sure they receive the insurance product which suits them, via our broker partners. We are pretty sure that if we deliver on this promise not only will you stay with us for years, you may also tell your friends about us too!

“Seek2Insure have been helping our family with health insurance for a few years now and have made the process so smooth and easy to understand. I highly recommend contacting Seek2Insure if you need help with your insurance policies.”

Tara Tiller

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