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A quality corporate group health insurance plan will show your team that you are serious about their wellbeing. A happy team will lead to better retention, and better performance

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Providing your team with leading health insurance benefits is now a crucial consideration when building a strong corporate team. At Seek2Insure we work with corporates of all sizes to make sure teams are cost effectively protected against high cost medical claims.

  • Corporate Discounts
  • Medical History Disregarded terms
  • Group PA Cover
  • Group life insurance
  • Extensive medical networks
  • Dental and wellness benefits
  • Telemedicine options
pattrika sharp

Pattrika Sharp

Managing Director

The days when providing your team with just a good salary package are gone. Now, the path to retaining your top performing staff is much more complex. One of the key factors in a corporate package is to have leading health insurance benefits. Health related issues can cause stress for people, especially when there are uncertainties about paying for medical care. Removing these potential stresses can see huge benefits for individuals, and ultimately their employer. So what does a good health insurance package look like? Please see below for some of the elements which Seek2Insure can make sure your team are provided with.

Medical history disregarded underwriting terms are a key benefit of a corporate health insurance plan over any individual health insurance policy. MHD terms are commonly offered for groups with more than 10 employees. MHD terms mean that the insurer will not exclude pre-existing health conditions. These terms are not available under individual health insurance plans, and is a huge advantage of being on a corporate scheme. For employees with pre-existing health issues, MHD terms will be hugely attractive and they will not want to lose such benefits.

Wellness benefits are another aspect of corporate group health insurance plans which are very attractive to employees. Wellness is the term used to describe benefits which are not the result of health issues. Examples include annual health checks and vaccinations. Closely tied to wellness benefits are dental benefits.

From a company perspective, setting up a corporate plan makes perfect sense from a number of different angles. Firstly, with corporate plans there is normally sufficient volume in order to obtain good discounts from the insurer. This means that corporate group health insurance plans offer much better value for money when compared to individual health insurance plans. Secondly, providing leading benefits can reduce staff churn and lead to higher retention of staff. This is turn means that less money is needed to fund recruitment drives. A further aspect is how technological advances have transformed the provision of health care services. Through telemedicine advances it’s now possible for people to consult a doctor from the comfort of their own home or office. This provides convenience and reduced time spent away from work, which is a positive situation for everybody.

Perhaps the largest factor which influences the need for a corporate health insurance plan is that of ethics and accountability. As a company what will you do if a staff member falls sick and can not afford the cost of treatment. Will you stand by without supporting them? Will you support them at a huge cost to the company? This conundrum is easily solved by getting an adequate medical insurance plan in place.

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