Are you a flight away from healthcare? Is this stopping you from taking out expat health insurance?

If the above sounds like your current situation, I want you to take a moment to consider situations and illnesses where you would not be able to fly back home, and would instead need to get medical care in your host country. The purpose of this article is not to fear monger, rather, I hope to inform people of the information which airlines and the medical profession uses, so that you can make your own decisions as to whether being uninsured is a wise choice. The alternative may be being stuck abroad, unable to fly home, and having to foot potentially unaffordable bills yourself.

  1. Infectious Diseases. For people with an infectious disease where you are contagious to others, you can rule out flying. For people with a fever of over 38 degrees, and one or more symptoms including diarrhea, skin rash, vomiting, headaches, then the chances are you’ll not be allowed to fly.
  2. Recent heart attack or stroke. 
  3. Infection of sinuses/ear/nose
  4. Angina or chest pain.
  5. People who have recently had surgery or bone fractures.
  6. People with brain swelling following accident/illness.
  7. Deep Vein Thrombosis.
  8. Decompression Sickness after diving.

The above examples show that a quick trip home may not be possible in the event of accident/illness. A quality expat health insurance plan, with adequate cover limits, will give you peace of mind that should illness occur, you’ll be well taken care of in your country of residence. If choosing a plan seems like too much hassle, or initially seems too expensive, get it touch and we can help you explore your options. We will listen to your needs, and recommend products once we understand you.


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