As with most products out there, whether it be cars, holidays, or any consumer goods, we are always presented with a range of options at a range of different prices. As the saying goes ‘you get what you pay for’. Thailand Health Insurance is no different. There are a range of health insurance products on the market in Thailand, ranging from the low end with small levels of cover, all the way up to premium policies with numerous added benefits. In the following article we look at some of those premium benefits, and leave it down to you to decide if they are benefits you wish to pay more for:

Non Conventional Medicine – Typically health insurance policies provide cover for ailments provided they are treated conventionally. This means using standard treatment methods which is typically seeing a Doctor, then being prescribed medicine or surgery in order to remedy that illness. Premium health insurance cover can allow you to access non conventional medicine and have it paid for. Examples include Chinese Medicine, Acupuncture, Chiropracters and Chiropody.

Compassionate Visits – For Expats living around the World, the worry of a loved one falling ill or passing away whilst you are away is one which can be stressful. If you purchase care which covers compassionate visits, then such visits back home can be covered by the insurer.

Hospital Cash – Unfortunately this does not mean the insurer will pay you whilst you are in hospital. What it does mean is that if you elect to have treatment for free in a government hospital, then the insurer will pay an agreed amount per day in lieu of the fact you are not utilising private health care.

Wellness Wellness checks are a way of checking your health even if you do not have any issues. This can include annual health check ups to monitor your general well being, or more specific checks, such as heart check ups, which are useful for those with a family history of heart complaints.

Outpatient High levels of outpatient cover are common features of premium products. From an insurer’s perspective people are far more likely to utilise outpatient cover than inpatient. Therefore policies with high levels of outpatient cover cost more.

Expanded Area of Coverage – Where you are covered geographically is something which typically expands with premium cover options. Products which are specific to one country or region are likely to be much cheaper than a product which covers you globally. Whatsmore the best products on the market will also cover you in the USA, an area which is normally excluded from most policies.

Dental Care – Most health insurance policies in Thailand either do not cover dental or do so with very limited levels of cover. The premium options offer much more generous levels of cover and can even cover orthodontic treatment as part of the policy.

Vaccinations – Keeping on top of your vaccinations is well advised for those living in Thailand, or those who are travelling a lot. Lower end policies will not cover vaccinations, so spending a little more on your policy could afford this crucial care to you.

Higher headline limits The headline limit on an insurance policy is the maximum amount the policy will pay out. This can be on a disability basis, a yearly total basis, or a lifetime basis. Generally speaking, the more you pay for your policy the higher the headline limit is likely to be.

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