Health Insurance Chiang Mai

The topic of health insurance Chiang Mai is a subject which seems to get everyone talking. Many expats come from countries where there is national healthcare support and the thought of making sure you have adequate medical cover is often foreign. The subject of health insurance can be pretty mind-boggling due to the numerous cover options and differing conditions and exclusions which insurers can impose. Furthermore questions around health insurance are often scenario driven and really do need to be dealt with on a case to case basis. And as is the case with most types of Insurance, the test of the product only comes when you need it.

Before going into some specific common issues it is important to look at health provision in Thailand. For expats living in places such as Bangkok, Chiang Mai, Phuket, or Pattaya then there are numerous hospitals and clinics which cater for the expat market. For those who are more budget conscious then there are numerous government hospitals where quality care is on offer at lower prices. However for those who are living outside of the main expat centric areas then health care provision can prove problematic as facilities are likely to be locally focused and no where near as well equipped as the larger hospitals. For more information on health care in Thailand we advise you look at the following article:

The following considerations are ones which come up on a daily basis for us:

Do you wish to have a voluntary deductable? This is the amount of a claim that you pay yourself. Increasing this will lower your premium but will mean you are paying for a large chunk of the overall cost. There is no right or wrong answer when it comes to whether or not you take a deductible option, it’s really a matter of what you are most comfortable with.

Where do you need cover? Prices vary hugely if you are willing to restrict the geographical coverage of your cover. For example some people may only need a plan which is for Thailand whereas others may need a plan which covers the USA. It’s crucial that you have adequate cover in place for whatever region you are in. Let us know how long you intend to be in certain areas on a year to year basis and we can make sure you are covered in the most cost effective manner. We are always on hand to make sure our clients are adequately informed and covered wherever they may be.

Do you have pre-existing health conditions? This can have huge implications on the level of cover you can receive and whether any exclusions to cover will apply. For more information on this subject please visit our Pre-Existing conditions page. It’s crucial that you have a full understanding of your insurers standpoint on pre-existing conditions as you may find yourself without the cover you thought you had.

Your age. The older you get, the more expensive cover becomes as you represent a higher risk for the insurer. There are steps you can take to soften the financial impact of increased age bands. These can include increasing your voluntary excess and building up no claims bonuses. If you are retired in Thailand or are planning to, please give us a call and we can help you get covered in a cost effective way safeguarding your retirement funds.

Your occupation – If you work in an office on a day to day basis the chances of insurers creating any special conditions on your cover is slim. However for those who’s occupations can put them at higher risk, for example offshore workers and divers, then specialist cover is required. We have relationships in place with specialist underwriters who can quote on cover for people with hazardous occupations.


Health Insurance Chiang Mai