Dental Insurance Thailand

Dental Insurance Thailand

Should I buy Dental Insurance in Thailand?

When compared to the likes of Australia, the USA, or the UK, dental treatment in Thailand is relatively inexpensive which would lead many into believing dental insurance for Thailand is not necessary. 

The value of dental care in Thailand is demonstrated by the fact that many people travel to Thailand in order to have dental procedures carried out here. Medical tourism is a growing sector in Thailand. Why? The level of care is great, and the pricing is reasonable.

If you are in a position where you require complex dental treatment then costs can accumulate and dental insurance Thailand becomes a very wise investment. Even though costs are lower than in some countries, complex dental expenses can still be very costly.

As a country, Thailand is very fortunate when it comes to dental care. In every major city, whether it be Bangkok, Chiang Mai, Phuket, or Korat, dentists are abundant. As an Expat it is very easy to find a dentist which would be comparable, or better, than the one you go to in your home country.

How can I buy dental insurance in Thailand?

If you are looking for dental insurance you should note that it needs to be as part of a wider health insurance policy.  Note that it is not possible to just purchase dental insurance cover on a stand alone basis. It will need to be part of, or an add-on to, a wider health insurance plan

A good broker will be able to help you find a dental add on plan which meets your needs, and also a great wider health insurance plan to make sure you are adequately protected whilst living in Thailand.

Things to look out for when buying a dental plan

Firstly It's important you look very closely at your insurance benefits table to see if dental is already covered. Some plans include dental as a benefit offering, and some do not. Some insurers offer dental as an add on benefit, which means you’ll need to pay an additional premium in order to get the cover in place.

Will you be required to pay a coinsurance amount? For example where you pay 20% of the cost and the insurer meets the other 80%. Some insurers operate co-pays on certain benefits, so this is something you need to look out for with your dental benefits.

Will the insurer cover pre-existing dental conditions? Some providers require you undertake a dental examination before you start cover. They will cover any deterioration from that point onwards. Some do not operate these conditions.

Are there any exclusions applied to my cover? Some providers will exclude cosmetic dentistry and orthodontics. Some providers may only cover minor dentistry and not cover major dentistry expenses.

Also look out for waiting periods as some insurers who provide dental cover will only do so after a set time period.

 What’s the difference between minor and major dental?

This does vary on an insurer to insurer basis. However, in general;

Minor Dental includes:

  • Dental check ups
  • Cleaning and scaling 
  • Filings
  • Simple Extractions 
  • Sealants

Major Dental includes:

  • Orthodontics 
  • Root canals
  • Implants
  • Dentures
  • Crowns and bridges
  • Surgical removal of teeth
  • Treatment of dental disorders


To find out more contact us today! One of our consultants will be able to advise you on how best to include dental benefits within a wider health insurance plan.