Staying Healthy in Thailand – 5 Tips!

Whilst living in Thailand may seem a millions miles away from the stresses of our home countries, expats are often unknowingly exposed to a number of unforeseen risks and dangers which they are not in their home countries. The following 5 tips will help to ensure that your stay in Thailand is as stress free as possible. Staying healthy in Thailand is important so you'll have the best experience.

1. Avoid Mosquito Bites - You don’t need to have been in Thailand for long to realise that mosquitos are abundant. If it’s not enough to be covered in bites from these critters then the diseases they carry can indeed be problematic. Whilst malaria is generally not an issue in Thailand, dengue fever is prevalent and outbreaks affect thousands of people each year, often resulting in a hand full of deaths too. The best way to prevent dengue is to make sure you do not get bitten. Cover up in the evenings and use repellant if you are prone to getting bitten.

2. Travel sensibly - Whilst many expats drive motorcycles in Thailand its important to remember that they are also the source of a high number of accidents. Thailand’s roads are among the most dangerous in the World, so if you do take a motorcycle taxi, or ride your own motorcycle, make sure you wear a helmet at all times and take extra care on the roads. Riding at night should result in extra caution as the roads are quieter and cars drive faster, and unfortunately drink driving remains a large problem in Thailand.

3. Exercise - As with any city in the World, it’s all too easy to become a couch potato and neglect your body during your stay in Thailand. We all know that this can have a negative impact on your health so it’s crucial you take control of your lifestyle and incorporate some exercise into your daily routine. In Bangkok and in cities throughout Thailand there are numerous parks where you can jog, and cycling is also growing in popularity. If that’s not your cup of tea, then consider joining a team to engage in some physical activity.

4. Insure - It’s important that you cover yourself for every eventuality whilst you are in Thailand. This should include the chance of you getting sick whilst you are in Thailand. Whilst the cost of minor outpatient treatment in Thailand is low, more serious health issues soon escalate in terms of costs so make sure you have decent health insurance in place. It seems to be increasingly common to read in the local media tales of foreigners who come to Thailand without insurance and end up in a dire situation when the unforeseen happens. Contact Seek 2 Insure today for consultation on the best cover options for you.

5. Have an annual health check up - Thailand has some fantastic medical facilities, which you should be making use of. Pro-activity in terms of your health is priceless, so getting an annual health check up is worth its weight in gold. Some of the most serious health issues can be resolved more successfully if they are caught early. Typically an annual health check up will involve a series of non-invasive tests, which are conducted over the course of a morning and then assessed by doctors.