10 Questions When Choosing Medical Insurance

Choosing medical insurance in Thailand can lead you into a confusingly complex maze. Plans are not what they seem and your search for personalised cover can lead nowhere. Before you know it, you don’t know which insurance path to follow and are in danger of not finding the best health plan for you. To stay…
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Retire To The Best Place…Insured

One of the Top 10 of The Best Places to Retire 2015, Thailand is a haven for older expats looking for sunshine, a relaxed way of living and a warm and friendly culture, not to mention low healthcare costs and quality medical care. International Living magazine’s annual list of 25 ideal retirement retreats includes only…
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10 Reasons To Get Health Insurance

Living the dream in Thailand, it’s easy for some expats to put realities such as having adequate health insurance to the back of the mind. However, no cover for medical costs can turn your Thailand experience into a real-life horror story. If you are still holding back, then here are 10 reasons you need health…
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