Health Insurance In Chiang Mai

For those looking to escape the intensity of Bangkok, Chiang Mai offers expats a more laid back location to settle. Recent development means that many of the things that people historically travelled to Bangkok for can now be found in Chiang Mai. If you still need to head down to the capital, then it’s only an hour on a plane away and don't forget to get Health Insurance in Chiang Mai.

For expats living in Chiang Mai there are numerous hospitals to use in the event of getting sick. Among the most popular include;

Rajavej Hospital; Located on the Chiang Mai to Lamphun Road.
Chiangmai Ram; Located on Bunrueang Rit.
Bangkok Hospital Chiang Mai; Located on Thanuspong Soi 8.

Seek2Insure deal with the leading health care insurers in Thailand. Most of these providers have extensive hospital networks in place throughout Thailand, including the leading hospitals in Chiang Mai. Before you take out any policy, make sure your chosen hospital is included within the insurer’s network as it will save you from having to pay out of pocket.

Whilst we may have personal preferences as to which one we use, what should be a common denominator is that we all have a decent health insurance policy in place. A common trap to fall into is believing that health care in Thailand is ‘cheap’. While visiting the hospital with food poisoning won’t set you back much, undergoing treatment for cancer or an extended stay following a road accident could well leave you facing huge medical bills.

Seek2Insure have clients in Chiang Mai and visit regularly. If you need help or advice with your health insurance then please get in touch. We can be contacted through email, or by telephone: 095 204 8240