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Compulsory Health Insurance?

Some thoughts on compulsory health insurance … There is a lot of talk at the moment on the possibility of Thai Immigration issuing an order making it compulsory for all Non Immigrant Visa holders to hold health insurance. We wanted to share our thoughts on this, and will do so in the following article. First…
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Issues with group medical insurance policies

Over the past few years, it’s become clear that many people in the Expat centers of Chiang Mai, Hua Hin, and Pattaya are opting to join group medical insurance policies as a way of saving money on premiums, by benefiting from group discounts. I have decided to write this blog article as I feel it’s…
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Health Insurance Claim Process

Once you have signed up to a health insurance plan and received your card, you are now in a position to use your health insurance benefits, should you need to do so. As we explained in an earlier blog article, each insurance company will have its own hospital network. This is a list of hospitals…
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How is my health insurance renewal calculated?

Medical insurance in Thailand is an annual contract between the insured, and the insurer. As a result, every year you will be sent a health insurance renewal notice from the insurance company or your intermediary which invites you to renew your contract with them and at what premium. How is the health insurance renewal calculated…
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