Our Testimonials

Although I have lived in Thailand for some time, I was not sure of my options when it came to selecting a health insurance policy for me and my wife. Whilst I knew about some of the large providers, the benefits they provided were really not in line with what i needed. Seek2Insure were able to listen to my needs and then recommend products based on my needs. Happy with the service too!

Bert Veerman,

I have just brought health insurance for my family following numerous conversations with the team at Seek2Insure. Before speaking to them I was unclear as to the best products on the market. Seek2Insure listened to my requirements and helped me to insure my family. Good job!

Daniel Wood,

I contacted Seek2Insure around a month ago as I needed to get health insurance in place. Whilst I am familiar with some of the providers I did not know enough about the products to make any decision. Seek2Insure were quickly able to provide me with some options to which I went back to them with many questions, all of which were answered. I felt like they actually cared about getting the best cover in place for me which is why I would recommend this company.

David Sipari,

I recently contacted Seek2Insure regarding my new business. It was important for me that I had good quality health cover in place, as this was a benefit I had always had in place in previous jobs. After speaking with Seek2Insure they quickly came back to me with several options. Meeting them to discuss the options face to face was a definite plus point and made us feel comfortable in terms of choosing the right product. I would not hesitate in recommending Seek2Insure

Jay Lale,